#2 – As You Wish – Beau Brewster

“I am done! I am walked over day and night! I can’t do it anymore,” screamed the Persian rug in the main room of the home of a large family.  “Day in and day out kids are getting their muddy foot prints all over me, the dogs pee on me, and the vacuum keeps eating up my frayed edges. I wish, oh how I wish I could…”

Just as the carpet was about to finish his thought, rainbow colored smoke poofed into the room.  The psychedelic smoke was blinding at first but in a few seconds it seeped into the hardwood floor as a Genie appeared.

“Did I hear the words—‘I wish’?”  The Genie’s smile was as big as the Cheshire cat’s.  His power astounded the rug, insomuch that the rug was speechless.

“I…I… um… I…”

“I know what you want, don’t say a word, but once you wish it, there’s no certainty on what will occur.  Wish wisely because you can’t wish back.  What you wish is what you get, that is a fact.”

I know what I want and it will be better than what I have.  If I don’t wish it this second I will be stuck forever with the fate that I have now.  This thought overcame his speechlessness.  “I wish to be free!”  He burst out with a yell.  “I don’t want to be stuck to one spot all of my life!  I want to move, I want to glide, that is the life.”

“As you wish…”  With eyebrows raised and a hesitancy in his voice, the Genie snapped his fingers and poof, he was gone.

Within the blink of an eye, the rug floated through the sky.  He was no longer constrained to the life of immobility and service.  “I am the master now!”  His joy filled his whole self.  Through the entire house he flew, looking at things that he never knew.

“What am I doing in this house?  It’s great and all, I guess, but I am free to go wherever I wish!”  So off he went, out of little Mary’s window and over the fence.  He flew through the sky and visited everywhere he wished.  He flew over LA, New York, London, Rome, Paris, Moscow, Delhi, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong.  He saw everything he ever wanted to see but when it was all said and done, he wanted to be home with those that he loved.  “Maybe I’ll call them,” he said floating through Sydney.  He flew down to the ground but couldn’t land.  He ran into buildings trying to bring his journey to an end.  Why can’t stop?!?!  I constantly move!  This isn’t the wish that I created.”

“Did you say ‘wish’?” asked the Genie who poofed in front of the rug as he continued to fly through the air.

“Hey Genie, I have bone to pick with you!  I want to take a rest but no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to stop moving.”

Laughing in delight, “That was your wish and remember, I tried to warn you: ‘once you wish it, there’s no certainty on what will occur.  Wish wisely because you can’t wish back.  What you wish is what you get, that is a fact.’”  Before the rug could say something back the Genie poofed out of sight.

From then on the rug lived without rest.  Through his choice that he didn’t fully think through, he was left with a life constantly moving without purpose, without love, and in the end without freedom.

Your choices create your destiny, so choose wisely.

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