#3 – The Midnight Ride – Devin Wadsworth

On a warm summer’s night, five friends had gathered for a night camping on the banks of the winding Snake River.  Restlessness had overcome them and one suggested they take a midnight drive.  Without objection, they all climbed into one car and began to drive without a destination.

A few of them had visited Moody Meadow and when it was suggested that their traveling go in that direction, the rest conceded willingly.  For several miles they followed the dusty, rocky road through the forest and into the foothills.

Many laughs were exchanged as old times were relived and friendly bonds were strengthened.  All at once, a feeling of terrible darkness and despair overcame every one of them.  Fear and dread prevailed as none of them knew the cause of such horrible terror.  As the feeling grew stronger, it was felt that they should halt their proceedings and return to whence they came.  The most desperate effort was put into stopping the car and turning it about.

Speeding down the dark road, the feeling soon left and the friends were able to find laughter and excitement in the remainder of the drive.  The five companions soon learned that a cabin, known in legends to be home to dark and evil activity, stood not far off the road at the place where the dreadful feeling had overcome them.  To this day, all five of us still muse about what was going on in or at that cabin, and what might have happened if we had continued further into the woods.

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