#5 – The Honu – Cohen Jones

My name is Cohen.  I am five and a half years old.  I go to kindergarten at Cherry Hill Elementary.  I have been to Hawaii four times, but for a long time, I never saw a sea turtle.  In Hawaii, sea turtles are called honu.  I had never seen a honu.  This year, we went two times to beaches where turtles were supposed to be.  We took lots of pictures of our family on the beach, but we never saw a turtle.

Then, we went to Hanauma Bay.  It was early in the morning and cold and windy.  I didn’t want to go in the water because it was too cold.  So I sat in my daddy’s lap and he kept me warm.  My mom was out snorkeling.  For a long time, I built sand castles with my cousin, Ava.  It was really cool.  Then I decided I wanted to go snorkeling.  I did not wear a snorkel tube, because that was too hard.  I just wore my swim goggles.  They are blue.

Mom and I got on our boogie board.  We went sideways so we could both fit.  We paddled and paddled and kicked with our feet to go out into the ocean.  We took a deep breath and put our heads in the water.  Right in front of my face, not two inches, but probably only one inch was a SEA TURTLE!!!  Mom and I lifted up our faces so we could be excited together.  Then we looked again and again.  We didn’t touch the sea turtle because that is against the law because we could get it sick.  We kicked our feet and followed the sea turtle to watch it swim.  It was fast.  Faster than a cheetah, I think.  Just kidding, not really faster than a cheetah.

I also saw an eel in a little dark cave.  I saw lots of fish, even a humuhumunukunukuapua’a.  The fish were very cool because they were black, gray, yellow, and lots of different colors.  We were out on the ocean for a long time.  I felt so awesome that I finally saw a sea turtle.  The end.

One thought on “#5 – The Honu – Cohen Jones

  1. Kent Crookston says:

    Cohen I love your adventure story. Now I want to go to Hawaii and see a sea turtle too. Thank you for writing it

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