#22 – The Big Round Red Scare – Christopher Cunningham

On Christmas Eve of ’53,
while children slept, starts our story.
A holly jolly tub of fun,
St. Nick had work that must be done,
so, “Dasher, Prancer off the floor,”
when “Who is that at our front door?”
A mail man stood letter in hand,
“I hope this won’t mess up your plans.”
So, Santa took the envelope,
ripped out the note and read real close,
“You have been called to testify,
we know the truth you cannot lie.
December 25th’s your day
to put the truth out on display,
before the House’s Committee
on Communist Activity.”

Christmas morn on Capitol Hill,
the labor groups fought through the chill,
to defend Santa’s politics
from congressmen and capitalists.
Santa smiled at their bravery,
then walked by Joseph McCarthy.
St. Nick walked over to his chair,
a media blitz already there.
A gray haired man started the day
by leaning in and speaking plain,
“Are you now, or were you ever
a communist party member?”

“No ,” Santa cried, “It is not true.
My blood is American blue.”
The man then coughed into his mic,
“Have your elves ever held a strike?”
Santa was ready to reply,
when from the crowd came this mad cry,
“A cap’talist won’t give for free
all kids a gift on Christmas Eve.”
Another, “Those elves sure aren’t paid,
you little commie renegade”
“With Stalin you must be in bed,
’cause you favorite color’s red”
“We agree, you must desist
acting like a Bolshevist”

The crowd began to get so loud,
warily, Santa looked around,
jumped from his seat, ran through the door.
Into the streets the people poured.
Santa picked up a picket sign,
high-fived the labor union line,
ran down the street, into the mist,
then turned around raising his fist.
He bellowed loud into the night,
“Merry Christmas to all and to all fight the fight!”

~ Christopher Cunningham, San Antonio, Texas

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