#24 – Pearls – James Spencer Dixon

I had never really considered myself a lucky person.  I never really believed in luck anyway…that was until one fateful night when I was 13.  I got sprayed by a skunk…on October 13th, which coincidentally happened to be Friday the 13th.  From that moment on, I knew that if there were a such thing as luck, mine must be bad.

This principle proved itself time and time again throughout my life, and particularly with my love life.  Relationships never really worked out in my favor.  This is why one very lucky moment changed my life forever.

A jewelry store nearby was giving out free pearl necklaces as a promotion.  I got one, stuck in my glove compartment, and promptly forgot about it thinking, “Maybe someday I’ll need this.”

Several months later, I was in a relationship with a cute little red-headed girl.  We were up on the side of the mountain, watching the sunset.  Holding her in my arms, I thought I would try to be romantic.  “Anything you want right now, anything at all.  Its yours.”

She smiled and replied, jokingly, “Pearls.  I want pearls, Jim.”

At first I laughed at our little joke.  But as soon as I remembered the pearls in the glove compartment, my heart skipped a beat!  I told her to wait right there, and I went back to my car and quickly retrieved the small velvet bag holding the necklace.


She opened the bag and breathlessly pulled out the necklace.

“But… how… I…You…….I was……………..wow.”

I ended up marrying her about a year later.  I won’t say she married me because of the pearls, but a little luck certainly didn’t hurt.

~James Spencer Dixon, Salt Lake City, Utah

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