#26 – The Story Of How Our Son Will Be – Lex Tan

Our story begins in the middle of a dark and stormy night.  Wild tropical winds and rain are not known to be gentle on trembling canvas tents, and neither are the growls of thunder on a young child’s night.  Yet one child, our child, lies in wide-eyed wonderment on his back, silent and still even through the stinging of raindrops the size of dried peas, and sharp whipping blades of grass all across his bared bronzed skin.

Oh how you would have trembled at the sight of such brash innocence my Beloved, if you were not as mighty a man as you are.  For our Son remained so untouched in the center of Mother Nature’s fury, so accepting of it, yet so undefeated.

It WAS a dark and stormy night, but when the sun rose to caress the few lingering tears of the clouds, oh our Son.  The birds chorused his handsome laugh like a gaggle of schoolgirls, chirping when he acknowledged them with a knowing smile and nod, and a spark of life in his step.  Then this child began to set up his tent again.  And it brought me to tears how unafraid of circumstance he was, how he embraced the inevitability of Nature, and rose to meet it with a smile on his face.

And one day, brick will replace canvas, and a Wife and Child will replace the gaggle of birds, but our Son.  He will meet Nature the way he did that night, smiling off into the unknown darkness, as long as he lives.

~ Lex Tan, Lumpur, Malaysia

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