#27 – The Invincible Cave – James Lowe

Once there were three friends named Austin, Taylor, and James.  One day they were playing video games at Austin’s house, when an ad popped up.  They clicked on it.  The ad gave them 50 choices of adventures to pick from.  They clicked on the cave one.  They read it and it said that one person had been there and made it alive.  They decided to go.

The next day, they ditched school and hid food in their backpacks.  After hiking for thirty-five miles, they found themselves in the middle of nowhere.

“I’m cold and I’m hungry!” complained Austin.  Icicles were forming on his spiky hair.  “And I’m pretty sure we’re lost!” he added.

“Impossible!” said Taylor “I’m following the map on the GPS!”

“Lost or not, we are going to make it to the cave,” chattered James through his teeth.

The mountain was steep and rocky. It was so tall, no trees would even grow.  All of a sudden, they heard a growling noise.  “Hah!  A tiger!” screamed Taylor.

“Tigers live in Asia, you genius!” corrected Austin.

Then they heard the noise again.  All together they jumped behind a bush.  They peeked through the leaves.  They saw him—Milo!  He was so tall, he looked as if he could be in the 6th grade when he was in kindergarten.  He was wearing a scout uniform.  He stared at the three boys.

“Come with me,” he said.  Milo led them to a cave.

“Hey!  This is the cave we saw on the ad!” said Austin.  Milo said nothing.  “How did you know about the cave?” added Austin.  Milo went in the cave and stepped back out.  “I’ve been watching you all along,” Milo said, “this cave has valuable treasure, but also hard obstacles.  The last obstacle I do not know.  I never made it that far.  But I can tell you that the first one is lasers that set off alarms, and the second one is swinging hammers.”

Taylor started shaking.

“We can do this!” said James.

The boys went inside.  There were lasers.  “Stay here.” said Austin.   Austin got past the lasers since he was flexible.  Once he passed the lasers, he hit a button.  All the lasers disappeared.  James and Taylor then easily walked to where Austin was.

“That was easy!” said James.

“Watch OUT!” screamed Taylor.

All of a sudden, swinging hammers were above their head.  CONK!

“A hammer just hit my head!” said Austin.

“Hurry and crawl.” said James.  The three boys crouched down past the swinging hammers.

“Get up!” said Taylor, “The hammers are all gone.”  They got up and walked father.  The cave got darker but they kept walking.  They heard a crunchy noise but ignored it.

“Hey Taylor, stop tickling me!” giggled Austin.

“I’m not!  You are!  Stop it!” said Taylor.

“Well, somebody is touching me, and they better stop!” added James.

Austin realized something was wrong.  “Turn on your flashlight Taylor.”

“But we need to save the batteries…” said Taylor.

“Turn it on!” shouted James.  Taylor turned it on.  All of a sudden, the boys saw those— cockroaches!  Millions of them!  Crawling all over them!

“Haaaahhhh!”  Austin and Taylor screamed like girls.  James sprinted away, brushing the bugs off.  He was running so fast that he did not see a wall in front of him.  He hit it super hard.  He did not realize that he had pushed a secret stone.  The whole wall slid open.  He found the treasure!

He called to Austin and Taylor.  They were still slapping their body to get all the cockroaches off.

“Whoa!”  They said when they came.  “We found the treasure!”

They ate all the food in their backpacks to make room for the treasure.  They filled up their backpacks with all the gold and gems they could fit.

They made their way home.  Their moms were furious.

“Look moms, we’re rich!” said the boys to their moms.  They showed the moms their treasure.  Their moms were not mad anymore.  James, Taylor and Austin got to buy IPads for themselves with all the apps in the world—except girl ones.

And James did not have to share with any of his sisters, ever!

~ James Lowe, Springville, Utah

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