#29 – The Clam – Patricia and Mark Bedell

I think that I shall never see
A clam residing in a tree.
We see them most upon a beach
or in the water where we SCREECH
if we should step upon a shell
Now there, they will do very well
But in a tree?  That’s so absurd!
I think that this clam must have heard
If he were someplace really high,
and he were closer to the sky,
Then he would have a better view
of all the world, and heaven, too.
He had a view; of that we know.
His horizon certainly did grow.
He knew he could be what he wanted to be,
But he didn’t like it in that tree!
He felt so out of place, and then,
he wanted to go home again.
He missed the sand around his shell;
he missed the cool water that served him well.
He missed his friends;
he missed his bed;
he was sorry the thought had come into his head.
He took a leap right out of that tree,
and landed kerplunk back into the sea.
He’s happy now he tried his wings;
he needed to know about other things.
He just didn’t fit in, try as he may,
and if you’re real quiet you can hear him say…

I’m happy, so happy, to be a clam.
Eh.. I am what I am, what I am, what I am!

~ Patricia and Mark Bedell, Saco, Maine

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