#30 – Demons Are Allergic To Light – John Spelta

Once, not too long ago, there was a boy named James.  He lived with his parents in a small condo in Orem, Utah.  His parents loved him very much, but he often felt restless.  By the time he was seven, he constantly felt that he had to fill every moment of his life with excitement, and this trait often gave him more pain than pleasure.

It was no wonder why James became intrigued when he heard about the legend of the abandoned bomb shelter.  James packed his backpack with snacks and a sleeping bag.  A few people who lived near the shelter said that they heard a little girl cry at night.  James had to see if the place really was haunted.

The walk was not very long.  The shelter was shut tight, but James found a vent that was not barred on the roof.  The drop was not long.

A few minutes after his entry, the front door burst open.  James pounced behind an old crate before he was caught.  He peeked from behind the crate to find a large, strong looking man dragging a young, pretty girl that was James’s age.  James’s rash instincts kicked in and he threw his sack towards the back of the guy’s head.

The brute stumbled and James took advantage of the guy’s imbalance to ram into his legs.  The tall guy lost his grip on the young girl.  James turned to her.

“Run!” he said.  The girl ran out the door.  James felt a giant hand grip his neck.  He let the girl’s hand go and she continued to run through the door.

James felt and heard the tall guy moan.  “You have robbed me of my company.  You shall replace her.”

The tall guy spun James around and made the young hero face him.  James saw dark tentacles creep out of the tall guy’s sleeves.  He could not feel them, as if they were made out of shadows.

Just as James lost any hope of escape, a light shinned through the door.  The tall guy quivered as light filled the room.  As James’s eyes adjusted, he made out the figure of the young girl with his dad!  James’s dad was shining a flashlight into the shelter.

“Get off my son,” James’s dad said.  He sprinted to the tall guy and punched him in the face.  The tall guy went flying across the room, his tentacles trailing behind him.

James’s dad kept the light on him.  After a few seconds, the tentacled maniac disappeared in a puff of smoke.
“Thank you, James,” the pretty girl said.  “I was trapped with him for decades.  Now, I can finally move on.”

The girl smiled and vanished in a burst of light. James turned to his dad.  “How did you find me?” James asked.

“That little girl came up to our house screaming you were in trouble.  I grabbed the flashlight and followed her here.  I found it strange that Travis’s family moved into a haunted bomb shelter.”

“Dad, we just saw two ghosts disappear and that is all you can think about?”

“James, I am not going to lie to you.  I am so scared right now that I think I might pee my pants.  The only thing that is safe for me to think about is how long you are going to be grounded for this.”

“I just saved a little girl’s soul from some tentacled demon.”

“I guess that will take a few weeks off of the months you will not even look at your video games.”

~ John Spelta, Provo, UT

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