#57 – Snooze Man – Brent Robison

Have you ever woken up late certain mornings?  Was it an accident that you woke up late those mornings?  Or was it intentional?  I am not suggesting that you chose to sleep in, but that your senses to wake up on time were cut off.

Yes, you don’t know, but there is such a magical creature that will cast a spell on you every night and you will not wake up on time the next morning.  He is known as the Snooze Man.

I met him long ago, when I was beginning college.  That was a difficult time for me as I was always late and would never get to classes on time.  One night, I decided to put the effort to stay up the whole night so I would not fall asleep and not wake up late the next morning.  So I was up an hour, then it turned to two hours, then three, then I lost track and all of a sudden I could hear movement in the room.

I got out of bed to see what it was, and went over and that’s when I saw him next standing next to my alarm clock on my dresser.  He was no more than three feet tall and wearing a blue bath rob–he had pointy ears, a big round nose, and big blue eyes.  I had only heard myths of this marvelous creature that stood before me, but now I realized…he was real.  I began to reach out my hand to shake his, but he backed away so quickly and disappeared behind the dresser.  He began to escape when all of a sudden I asked the one question that popped into my mind, “Why do you cast spells on us every night?”

I heard no response, but quietly I could hear him cough, and then he began to talk, “I had a promising opportunity, but the day I was suppose to get my job, I slept in, and because I slept in, I didn’t get my job.  So, because I didn’t get my job, I have vowed that no one shall get their opportunity.”  That was all he said and I began to look for him, but he wasn’t there.

I never saw him again–in fact, he has never come by to cast his spell on me since that night I saw him.  That is now why I am up early every morning and on time for everything.

So the next time you oversleep, it isn’t because your alarm didn’t go off, it is because the Snooze Man has stopped by and caused you to oversleep.

~ Brent Robison, Provo, Utah

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