#61 – The Girl and the Mountain – Camlyn Giddins

That day her class had walked to the lake for a project.  She was afraid and wouldn’t go near the water.  No one else in the class was afraid.  No one else in the class was afraid?

After school she walked back on her own and sat on the ground for quite some time.  She wrote out her fear on a rock.  Gazing across the water, encrypted rock in hand, she didn’t throw the rock in, but instead decidedly placed it back on the ground.

The next day at school, she froze giving a presentation.  She couldn’t speak in front of people.  She wrote that on a rock too.  And at the end of the day, she placed it next to the first rock.

The next day it was the mean ice cream man.  The day after that it was being alone.

Every day she added another rock with the name of a fear or inability until the rocks made a large pile.  This continued for a year.  And then another…that pile became a mound.  And over the years that mound became a large hill.  She’d climb partly up and throw the rock high as she could to the top.

Finally, the girl became a woman about to go forth on her own.  She came to her hill and with rock in hand scaled to the top for the first time.  Surpassing rock after rock.

At the top she stood for quite some time and gazed across the water.  She let her rock fall.

It was blank.

And she returned from the lake soaking wet.

~ Camlyn Giddins, Orem, Utah

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