#64 – A Time To Learn Love – Carley Porter

Time.  It seems all things boil down to that temptress of time.  What we do with our time can change our lives.  One young woman chose to use her time to learn new talents, while one young man chose to use his time to try and woo her.

His efforts seem wasted, for the young woman was so busy learning, she had no time for love.  But the young man was determined not to give up.  He brought her perfumed flowers, exotic animals, beautiful rugs.  To no avail; she had planted and grown her own fragrant garden, tamed tigers, and woven many rugs.

One day, the young woman, in one of her many books, came across the idea of love.  This was one thing she hadn’t learned.  How was she to learn how to love?

Now, the young man was close to giving up.  He had tried everything he could think of–but he could not make the young woman love him.  Then a knock at his door arose him from his stupor.

The young woman stood there, with all her talents and glory.  She told him, “There is one thing I am missing from my learning.  I can’t learn it alone.  Will you teach me how to love?”

But a broken heart can bring bitterness even to the strongest feelings of love.  The young man, rejected so often, in turn rejected the young woman at his door.  But being a determined student, she was not deterred so easily.

She recalled the different ways that the young man had paid attention to her, and so she did these things threefold.  Her handiwork; her rugs, her flowers, her tame tigers, even exotic dishes she had prepared herself, were given as gifts.

Still to no avail.  To the young man, the flowers held no enchanting fragrance, the tigers no majesty, the rugs no color, and the food no flavor.

The young woman didn’t know what to do.  So she sought out the greatest teacher of all–the sultan’s adviser.  She asked the adviser what she was to do.  He told her the only way to reawaken love is to make a sacrifice.  But not just any sacrifice.  The greatest sacrifice that she would ever have to make.

For love is worth anything we are willing to give up.  The young woman went home, contemplating what the ultimate sacrifice for her could be.  Sitting amongst her books and all of the things she had accomplished and created, she realized.

She had dedicated her life to learning, which was why love had come and gone.  If she wanted love in her life, she had to give up her goal of learning always.

This was no easy decision.  She knew so much, and there was still so much to learn.  But returning back to the book that first taught her about love, she realized that love is the greatest things we can learn–and is therefore greater than all the knowledge in the world.

She sold all of her books, dusted off all of her shelves, and returned to the young man, this time with nothing but a humble apology.  She explained her epiphany–that if love was the greatest thing a person could learn, it was all she wanted to learn.  The sincerity in her eyes awakened the flame in the young man’s heart, and with a the sparkle of a tear in his eye, kissed the young woman.  At first she was startled, but then returned his kiss with equal fervor.  Thus began her never-ending journey to learn life’s greatest lesson, love.

~ Carley Porter, Sparks, Nevada

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  1. hossein says:

    i love storiys

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