#70 – One More Chance to Learn – Clayton Cranford

Gavin was a young man who was always adventurous.  No matter how big or risky the challenge was, he never feared he would fail.  All that changed one day because of his ignorance in not following the warning signs that were placed around him.

Gavin and his best friend Michael went to go visit a spillway that they had recently discovered.  It was fed by a canal and descended nearly 50 yards into a little pool, which was about four feet deep.  When the pool was full, it would then spill over into a pond.  The day when Gavin and Michael discovered this spillway, they saw a sign that said it was dangerous and illegal to swim there.  Ignoring the sign, they began to slide down the spillway on their feet which was easy and fun because there was only a little amount of water being let out of the canal.  They would slide down then they would jump into the pool of water.

This day when they returned, however, was different then the first day they came.  They returned with inner tubes to ride down on in the spillway.  They noticed that a larger amount of water was being let out of the canal and that the pool of water had turned into a pool full of undercurrents and fast moving water.  By the base of the pool, they tied a rope to throw to the person on the inner tube once they had reached the pool because walking out of the pool was impossible because of the strong undercurrents.  Gavin decided to go first because Michael was a little scared, and Gavin wanted to be the leader and show off his pride.

So Gavin climbed to the top of the spillway and jumped on with his inner tube.  The water was rushing so fast down the spillway that Gavin fell off his inner tube and began sliding down on his back.  Gavin hit the white pool of water and popped up safely.  When he started walking towards the side so that Michael could throw him the rope, swift undercurrents swept his legs out from under him, and he fell under the water.   He got caught in an eddy and wasn’t able to stand up.  Gavin began to panic and push himself up out of the water, but the eddy kept him under and didn’t let him escape.  Gavin would push up to breathe and then would be swept under the white watery surface.  He began swallowing water as he pushed himself up to get short gasps of air.  Thoughts of his family, friends, and his future all passed through his mind, and he suddenly had the fearful thought that this could be the end of his life.

He prayed.  He offered a quick prayer to be able to reach the side, and he promised to pay more attention to the warning signs in his life.  In that very moment, he went to push off the ground and he felt the rope underneath his hand that Michael had been trying to reach him with.  Gavin grasped the rope and was able to pull himself up out of the water and walk over to the side.  Gavin felt very thankful for his life that he had, and how risky he had been for trying to be adventurous while ignoring the warning signs.  Gavin and Michael left, always remembering how important it always was to pay attention to the warning signs around them.

~ Clayton Cranford, Worden, Montana

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