#74 – Logs on the Road – James Sanborn

At the Vandergrift Combat Base in Viet Nam four Marines were driving their jeep to the Staff Club on a dark and overcast night.  To reduce the danger from enemy snipers, they drove without lights.  As they drove through a shallow depression, they hit a log and the jeep bounced, tossing the men about.

“I don’t remember a log on the road!”

“Let’s stop and move it.”

As they returned to the depression, they found a huge boa constrictor laying across the road.  Sleeping?

“Lets take the snake up to the club and scare everyone!”

So, they spread out, picked up the snake, and marched up to the club to surprise their friends.  As they ran from the dark into the brightly lit club swinging the snake around, the giant snake’s eyes blinked open in amazement.  Now, finally alert, it quickly started throwing its coils around the 4 Marines and threw them to the floor.  Guess who was surprised now?

In the end, with all hands helping, the snake was again restrained and returned to the dark jungle.  And four Marines learned much that night about a log on the road.

~ James Sanborn, Redmond

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