#75 – The Adventures of Shelby and Mouse-Boy – Shelby Hintze

There was a girl.  Her name was (is) Shelby.  She was on the school bus on her way to school, as she was in the eighth grade and that was the appropriate thing for a girl of her age and social standing to do.  As she sat on the bus, most likely listening to her beloved Jonas Brothers on her brand new iPod nano, a sixth grader climbed the stairs into the bus and sat in the seat directly across the aisle from our heroine.

Now this boy was not like other boys.  No, he was not tall, dark or handsome but rather, he looked like a mouse.  Yes, a mouse.  He was very small and had a squeak of a voice.  He had beady little eyes and unkempt hair.  As he sat down, he gave Shelby a once over.  He then quipped in his mouse of a voice, “Hey.”

Shelby looked around, to ensure mouse-boy was actually speaking to her. Once she was quite positive he was, she replied, “Yes….?”

“Are you short?”

“Ummm…yes…I guess you could say that.”

Mouse-boy seemed content with his answer and went back to reading his book, no doubt about geckos or some other unsavory creature.  He then gave Shelby another once over, he had quite a bad case of elevator eyes, you see.  He then decided to say, “Hey.”

Again, Shelby looked around to make sure he was indeed addressing her. “Yes….?” she replied.

“I like your seatbelt.”

“Umm…thanks?  You are too kind.”

Mouse-boy then went about putting things in his backpack and pulling others out.  A fair amount of time had passed before, “Hey.”

This time, she was certain he was speaking to her. “Yes…?”  This time slightly more irritated.  He was, as I am sure you understand, cutting into valuable pre-school Jonas Brother time.

“Just so you know, your head is a little too big for your body.”

You read right, just so you know, your head is a little too big for your body.

Shelby was shocked and did not quite know how she was to respond to his remark.  She was not offended, as it was coming from mouse-boy but what ever do you say to that?!

“Well…I was unaware.  Thank you for informing me.”

The rest of the bus ride, mouse-boy continued fidgeting with his books and Shelby proceeded to text all her friends, who insisted mouse-boy was flirting with her and that’s all he could come up with.  Others speculated he was born without a brain to mouth filter, a very unfortunate malady indeed.

Either way, Shelby did not see mouse-boy after they finished their year of bus riding and they all lived happily ever after.

*Names have not been changed to protect the innocent.  Or not so innocent.

~ Shelby Hintze, Marysville, Washington

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