#76 – My Amazingly Crazy Date – Kevin O. Johnson

My buddies and I had just turned 16 and they wanted to do a group date ASAP.  They were a little shy but they figured if I’d come, there would be enough conversation to go around and all would go fine.  So they planned everything and I put it in the back of my mind.  Four days before the date, I called a girl up and she agreed to go with me.  The day of the date came and it was an hour before we were supposed to pick up the girls.

The phone rang and it was my date apologizing for having to cancel on me.  I started calling everyone I knew but everyone had plans.  I went to the year book and the first girl I saw, I called.  With five minutes till 6:00, she agreed to go.  We picked her up and her dad gave me an evil glare but allowed me to take his daughter without a fight or interview.  The van now full of the six of us drove up the mountain and we pulled over to pitch a fire and roast marshmallows.  All was going well up until the sun began to set.  A car drove up and stopped right next to us.  My scout leader and some of his friends pulled over and got out to chat with us.  It was a pleasant surprise at first but then the conversation got onto the energy of the moon and stars.

My scout leader and his friends decide to teach us all about the energy of the world and how we could feel it.  So he made us all hold hands around the camp fire and meditate for about two minutes.  They were a long, long, long two minutes.  He told us how in those two minutes he saw a man in white travel across a grove of flowers.  I didn’t believe him and I felt like our dates were kind of weirded out so I asked if I could talk with him.  He apologized for intruding but asked if he could show me one more example of energy.  We were separated from the rest of the group and they all had their backs turned.  He started to rub his hands together and then he mimed like he had this orb in his hand.  Without a sound he threw it at his non-suspecting friend and his friend reacted to the invisible ball of energy like a soccer ball hitting his back.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  So for the rest of the night we all learned the how to play with energy.  Of course none of us could really do it, but it was fun to try.  For a first date I’d say everything worked out alright.

~ Kevin O. Johnson, Provo, Utah

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