#78 – Tilth Gardens – Ava Bruggeman

One rainy day me and my class went to the Tilth Garden along with another first grade class.  Our leader was Ms. Shmoz.  First we ate a snack.  I had popcorn covered in white chocolate.  Then we had a s scavenger hunt.  I found four of the things on the list.  After the scavenger hunt, we got to play at the play ground.  Then we went to the garden.  We got to eat some plants.  We made a seed pack.  I made a seed pack of Calendula.  After that we went back out of the garden and ate lunch.  I had a lunchable.  It was good.  After that we rode a bus back to the school and had P.E.

~ Ava Bruggeman, Sammamish, Washington

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