#84 – Love what may Hope – Marissa Rose Larsen

The eclipse is breaking.  By starting it sending a message to one day.  “I am the twilight, I am the dawn, I am the breaking that you are not.  So love and hate are not the same.  But mixed together are ying and yang.  “The message it gives is a lesson.  So do not think that one is strong.  Mixed together is really strong, as strong as love.  Do you really want strong?  Well, I would say.  “I need hope, I need love.”  Those two are what are needed for.  Not want.  So want what you do.  But remember.  Love and hope are meant to be.  Because, ying and yang is what keeps you strong.  “So Love what may keep Hope!”

~ Marissa Rose Larsen, West Jordan, Utah

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