#90 – The Magic Socks – Mario Ayala

There was once a young boy who believed there was magic at work everywhere around him.  Before he would go to sleep he made sure to brush his teeth, comb his hair and put on his magic socks.  Once he was tucked in bed his cheek would receive a peck and the light would turn off.  In the darkness of his bedroom the only light came from the galaxies glowing from his ceiling.

He looked up and noticed one of the planets getting bigger and bigger.  He kept watching the planet and saw what appeared little flashes of red, yellow, and green lights coming from different parts of that planet.  The planet continued to grow and grow and grow.  Now he could also hear sounds coming from the ever-growing planet.  He heard yelling that became louder as the planet kept growing in size.  Once was engulfed by the planet he heard “clink,” “clank,” “Clunk!”  He could not see where it was coming from but around him were the tallest and funniest looking trees that he ever did see.  The grass was blue like the ocean and the rocks were orange like a carrot.  The young boy was astonished by the colors around him, he even saw what he though was water; it was white just like milk but it was not flowing in a stream on the ground rather it floated ten feet above the ground.

He was in complete wonder when all of a sudden he heard a tremendously loud “blang!”  He dropped to the ground and hid behind a large orange rock.  From the dense forest he could see in the distance an army coming closer and closer towards him.  The army was now 5 feet from him but they did not see him.  The young boy got a good look at this army and was astonished to see that they were all giants, their armor was bright red and so were their helmets.  They each carried some sort of sword attached to their arms, on their backs lay a giant sword with shark like teeth all along its edges.  Some of them carried a sphere about the size of a bowling ball that glowed a deep red color.  Some of them rode on unicorns with wings and six legs.  Even the unicorns wore armor.  The young boy couldn’t believe that the army could not see him even though the army was marching right by his rock.  The young boy noticed his magic socks were glowing blue but the army still did not see him.  Once more than half of the army marched by him they all suddenly stopped.

They began to look around as if they could sense something around them.  The young boy was terrified; his socks glowed even more at this point.  Then out of nowhere these warriors jumped out of the trees and landed on some of the giants.  They were all wearing magic socks and they all glowed just like the young boys’ socks.  Their swords were a lot smaller than the giants’.  The soldiers attacked the giant army with their swords and slingshots.  They shot light blue glowing spheres that blew up on contact.  The young boy looked closer at these soldiers and realized they looked like kids, just like him.  He noticed that they all looked at him as they fought the giants.  Their socks were glowing less and less as some of the young soldiers fell to the giant sword from the brobdingnagians.  One of them jumped over a giant and slid between the legs of another one to get the young boy.  The young boy asked earnestly, “you can see me?”  The soldier responded, “you must return with the Pachag and the Fronk or else all will be lost,” he continued, “you must rub your magical slunks together and then touch them in order to return to your world, now go!”

The young boy did not understand what a “slunk” was.  He was confused, just then all the young warriors began pointing to their dim-lit socks and chanting ,”Slunk !  Slunk!  Slunk!”  The young boy realized what they meant and he began to rub his socks together, the socks glowed so bright that the young boy could hardly see.  He touched his socks and just like that he was on his own bed, in his bedroom, but the lights were turned on.  He looked all around frantically for the young warriors or the giants but did not see anyone else in his room.  He looked over at his opened door, smiled and his lights turned off.  As he fell asleep, he repeated the words, “pachag…fronk.”

~ Mario Ayala, Southern California

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