#96 – Beauty Left Behind – Melissa Weigeshoff

You know how at night the sand seems to shine like  the stars in the sky?  When I was a little girl my grandmother told me how it happened.  Once long ago all this land was filled with water, water so blue that it thought it was the sky, and people lived on the areas called islands and would claim to live on the sky.  But the sky was not pleased with this, the sky wanted the people to find the water beautiful without it copying the sky.  So in order to show its own beauty decorated itself with the stars.  At night the people would walk out to the waters edge and instead of exclaiming on the beauty of the water would say how beautiful the stars were.  The water so sad at losing the admiration of the people begged the sky to make it as beautiful.  “You are beautiful, but in your own way, quit mirroring me and let them find you beautiful for all you give to them,” exclaimed the sky, but the water was not happy.  The water tried to mirror the sky but couldn’t hold the light in the reflection so choose to slowly leave the people in order to join the sky and find peace being beautiful with the sky.  Leaving the place a desert with islands of green, but when the water left, the sky gave the sands stars as if to promise  the people of the waters return, now during the raining season the water covers the sky as if to teach the people to  cherish all the water gives to it over the beauty of the skies, and with it blocks the light that makes the sands shine with its promise and never seeing the true beauty it left behind.

~ Melissa Weigeshoff, Fredericksburg, Virginia

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