#98 – Alfredo the Giant Bag of Popcorn – Beth Lloyd

Towards the beginning of my Freshman year at BYU, I went to some sort of dance (I can’t remember exactly what it was because there are always activities going on in the WILK, especially for Freshman) with a new friend I had just made and two more of her friends as well.  An important thing to note for this story is that my new friend Carla and I have a mutual LOVE of and passion for popcorn, so keep that in mind :).

Anyways, so the four of us are at this kind of lame dance but we’re trying to get to know each other because we’re brand new Freshmen and we don’t have a lot of friends…so we stay and try to make conversation as best we can but it isn’t really going well.

The dance was just about over when we went into one of the rooms where they had popcorn in bowls and saw that someone was carrying out a mostly empty but still incredibly large bag of popcorn and we stopped dead in our tracks and almost left our eyes behind with that plastic-wrapped, butter-flavored monstrosity.  Now, remember, Carla and I really did not know each other very well yet, but we still exchanged one of those we’ve-known-each-other-forever-and-so-we-both-know-what-the-other-is-thinking looks and practically sprinted towards the other giant bags of popcorn.  We stood around them for a few minutes whispering about whether we were allowed to just take one or not and then finally Carla just gestured to some of the people working there and pointed towards the bags.  The few seconds it took the workers to look at each other inquisitively were some of the longest of my life.  Seriously.  Mercifully, one of them nodded and the other agreed and so Carla scooped up the biggest one.  Of course.

Now, four Freshmen walking around campus is nothing to gawk at, but four Freshman carrying a GIANT bag of popcorn that I decided to name Alfredo is quite the site.  SO, we decided to use this new cholesterol-filled friend to make more human friends by offering some to anyone we passed.  Almost two years later, we still remember the guy who took off his shirt and filled it with Alfredo’s delicious insides as well as the guy who filled his cardigan sweater and popcorns with said innards.  Needless to say, Carla is now my best friend, all thanks to Alfredo and our recognizing of a mutual love of popcorn, fun, and friendship.

~ Beth Lloyd, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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