Story Selections for our Pre-Show Experience

Thank you all so much for all your story submissions!  Due to the overwhelming response to all the wonderful stories we’ve received, we were able to select 16 stories instead of the original 10!  Our cast is so excited to be performing the following stories as part of our pre-show experience!  Check them out online and then come see the show beginning May 24th to see these stories brought to life as well as to see our wonderful cast in Arabian Nights!

#67 Merry Christmas Tangerine by Emma Wiley
#65 The Pharisee’s Ballad by Christopher Cunningham
#62 Bloodline by Marie Steck Johnson
#61 The Girl and the Mountain by Camlyn Giddins
#60 The Mighty Epsilon by Alex Masterson
#59 Flowers in the Ice by John Weagly
#58 Baba Yaga by Lauren Kresowaty
#49 If God Wills It by Kira C. Jacobs
#43 The Wavemaker by Elliott Sharps
#38 A Hebrew Christmas by Ariel Mitchell
#34 Inishfree by Anne McGravie
#31 A Dream to Save His Life by Kent Crookston
#26 The Story of How Our Son Will Be by Lex Tan
#19 The Golden Apples by Alan Bruggeman
#13 The Steel Specter by Lindsay Clark
#5 The Honu by Cohen Jones

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